October 14, 2016


Fearless Friday campaign

In honor of brave women (or men) everywhere…

I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of private messages, emails, Goodreads comments…etc from readers who have shared their very personal stories of depression, anxiety, PTSD…mental health issues in general as a result of reading my upcoming release, PULL ME CLOSE. So, I’ve decided to share my personal story with you. It’s not hugely dramatic, but it is a struggle I deal with constantly. For me, it’s everything. Hopefully you’ll see, you’re not alone. We all have struggles. You may not see them because we smile, we laugh…but they’re there. Hidden.

So, on the week of 10/17/2016, I’ll share my story with you on www.facebook.com/RedFeatherRomance. My hope is that I give you the courage to share your story with someone else. Maybe with everyone. Maybe on your FB page. Your story may be what helps make someone’s day. Make sure you use hashtag: #fearlessfriday